Note: The GALE website is now undergoing some simplification and minor remodeling. Although you may find some changes to the location of links and menu items, all content will remain available.

The GALE Journal Vol. 12 (January, 2020) is now online and may be found here. Additional information about GALE publications can be found here. This page contains information about the GALE mailing list and other ways to keep in touch with GALE members. The news and articles page contains more information about changes to this site and issues pertaining to gender in language education. Lastly, GALE believes that JALT’s Code of Conduct demonstrates the organization’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. We depend on all our members to use the mailing lists–see the bottom section “Let’s keep in touch”–to keep everyone up to date on what is happening, which in turn allows us to communicate with non-members through the news section.

Please join us in November for JALT2020 in Tsukuba, Japan.

Who we are

GALE works towards building a supportive community of educators and researchers interested in raising awareness and researching how gender plays an integral role in education and professional interaction. We also network and collaborate with  JALT  groups and the community at large to promote pedagogical and professional practices, language teaching materials, and research inclusive of gender and gender-related topics. GALE is its members. Together we talk about gender issues in education through in-person meetings and mailing lists and share our insights through a newsletter and journal as well as links and articles.

Our Constitution and Mission are here.