Membership and Subscriptions

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Although GALE is a special interest group of JALT, you do NOT have to be a member of JALT to be a subscriber of GALE. Subscribers have full access to member rights  except they cannot become GALE executive board members. Those who wish to join GALE can do so using either of these methods:

JALT members: Membership in one SIG and a local chapter are included in the JALT membership fee, and you can join additional SIGS  for a separate fee. Detals are available in the  “furikae” form in “The  Language Teacher” magazine.  You can also write the  JALT Central Office  at  <> for more  details or visit the JALT website to see other membership options. Also see this page.

Non-JALT members: ¥2,000 should be sent to the GALE treasurer. Please contact the GALE membership chair for more details.

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