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Call for Papers for GALE Forum at JALT 2017

The forum is 90 minutes long, and we would like to have several presenters who will each present for 15 minutes simultaneously with the audience rotating between presentations. This means each presenter will present the same presentation 3 times to a different group of audience members. Presenters may use any kind of hand held visuals suitable for a small group for example paper, or iPads. At the end we will all come together for discussion. Presentations may relate to either teaching or research based topics.

Time is very limited therefore presenters should be very clear, informative and concise. If you are interested in presenting as part of the GALE SIG forum please send an email to with the following information: presentation title, your name and affiliation, and an abstract of approximately 100 words on your suggested area to talk about. The forum slots are ‘unvetted’ whichin this case means that you will not have to go through the JALT application process as GALE will vet the abstracts and submit them on your behalf. However, presenters in the forum will still receive the same coverage by JALT as regular presenters, for example, your name will be printed in the conference handbook.

This is a great opportunity for professional development and positive publicity for your research, as well as for GALE and its mission of fair and responsible research in the field of Gender Studies. Last year the forum was a great success which we look forward to repeating this year!

GALE also invites GALE members without access to research funds to apply for a Professional Development Scholarship to attend a conference that GALE officially participants in. The number of scholarships available per year will depend upon the financial situation of GALE and in some cases the scholarship money will be divided between conferences. The purpose of the scholarship is to support research in the field of gender awareness and to support GALE members without research funding. A grant for up to 40,000 yen, depending upon the type of presentation to be given, will be made available to the successful applicant. The scholarship is intended to help defray conference attendance expenses. In return, the successful applicant MUST give a presentation on a GALE related topic at the conference (under the content area of Gender in the case of JALT conferences) and commit to writing the following: an academic research article based on that presentation or a practical pedagogical article to be published in the next edition of the GALE Journal and Proceedings or in the GALE Newsletter.

The placement of the scholar recipient’s article will be made after discussion with the applicant, the Publications Chair, and the Coordinators. In the case of writing for the GALE Journal, the applicant may also be asked to write a summary of the presentation for the GALE Newsletter. The deadline for Journal letters of intent is annually on Dec. 15 and the deadline for the GALE Newsletter is several times a year.

 *Completed Paper Deadline: March 31, 2017. 

If authors wish to submit an abstract for preliminary evaluation prior to completion of the full paper, please send the abstract by March 1, 2017

Send Submissions and Inquiries to