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GALE has two main publications and you are welcome to contribute by contacting the Publications Chair. The latest issues can be found here:

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We also have sections for members’ gender-education related activities and other gender related information:

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Contact the web person if you have something you have published elsewhere or would like to share with us,  or of any links you think would be useful to the membership.

Gender-related Presentations
We actively encourage members to present at the National, Pan-SIG and other conferences. Note that at some conferences, there may also be an opportunity to participate in an unvetted official Gale forum, and the call for presentations will normally mention the requirements. If you would like to present (or nominate someone for a plenary or featured speaking opportunity), please contact the GALE Program Chair.

GALE Professional Development Scholarship
GALE encourages our members to apply for a scholarship to allow members without funding to attend a conference that GALE participates in. In return, we ask that the recipient give a presentation at that conference.

We invite GALE members without access to research funds to apply for a Professional Development Scholarship to attend a conference that GALE officially participants in. The number of scholarships available per year will depend upon the financial situation of GALE and in some cases, the scholarship money will be divided between conferences.

The purpose of the scholarship is to support research in the field of gender awareness and to support GALE members without research funding.

A grant for up to 50,000 yen, depending upon the type of presentation to be given, will be made available to the successful applicant.

The scholarship is intended to help defray conference attendance expenses. In return, the successful applicant MUST give a presentation on a GALE related topic at the conference (under the content area of Gender in the case of JALT conferences)and commit to writing the following: an academic research article based on that presentation or a practical pedagogical article to be published in the next edition of the GALE Journal and Proceedings or in the GALE Newsletter.

The placement of the scholar recipient’s article will be made after discussion with the applicant, the Publications Chair, and the Coordinators.

The deadline for Journal letters of intent is annually on Dec. 15 and the deadline for the GALE Newsletter is several times a year. Please send enquires to:

Download the application form here, and submit it to

All application materials will be blind reviewed and, the recipient will be chosen by a panel of three designated GALE members.


JALT 2013 PanSIG Conference
Bringing gender issues into the language classroom
2013 Scholarship Recipient: Michele Steele

JALT 2009 PanSIG Conference
Maria diets and Mr. Schmitt does overtime: Gender bias in textbooks for learners of Japanese
2009 Scholarship Recipient: Rachel Winter
Article published in GALE Journal 2010