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GALE Newsletter Spring 2018

The Spring Newsletter (2018) has been uploaded. The links below are to the Adobe browser-you can scroll with the arrows on each side of the file, and there is a menu at the bottom for printing, downloading etc. To come back to this page, use the back arrow in your browser.



GALE Newsletter Spring 2018
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Alternatively, here is a direct link to the same file on our website.

Edited by Barbara Morrison and Jennifer Teeter, the newsletter contains a wealth of information and insight, including

1) Integrating Gender Literacy into Your University Classes: Gerry Yokota shares how they engage learners in gender literacy through solidarity, best practices, and… anime! Gerry also has shared two of her powerpoints for reader’s to adapt to use in their own contexts.

2) When a JALT Event Heals Your Sore:  Reflecting on her own positionality, Parisa Mehran shares her notes on a joint presentation by Tanja McCandie and Brent Simmonds on diversity and the JALT Code of Conduct.

2) Sexual Harassment is Sex Discrimination: a conversation with Kobe University Professor Ronni Alexander, the plaintiff in a historical case that helped established sexual harrassment procedures in the U.S. in the 1970s.

3) Members Corner,  with Quenby Aoki, GALE Co-Coordinator

4) Development Teaching Learning Concepts,  with Tamara Cohen, Gerry Yokota and Eucharia Dougherty

5) PAN-SIG Member Presentations

6) WELL Conference Report

and much more.

Conferences featured

Teacher Development Forum at PAN SIG 2018 / Code of Conduct Table

Day/Time: Sunday, 11:00am – 12:30pm
Location: 4502
Exploring The Role That SIGs Play In Teacher Development: Three Interviews
M. Turner1, A. Yoshida2, M. Ellis3
1Toyo University; 2Kanda University of International Studies; 3International Christian University High School

In this forum, three members of the Teacher Development SIG will each conduct a 20-minute interview with a representative from invited SIGs, asking carefully prepared questions that aim to explore the connections and commonalities between SIGs, specific teacher development stories, as well as the individual differences that mark SIGs as unique and special. It is hoped that through conducting such interviews SIGs can co-construct a clearer understanding with each other, whilst strengthening an awareness and interest in each other’s activities. The forum will conclude with an open discussion session between our invited SIG representatives, with audience questions and comments highly encouraged.

Code of Conduct

Katie, Tanja and Gerry will be staffing the Code of Conduct tables. We will have one table in the lobby close to the registration desk, and one upstairs with the SIG tables. We will have a suggestion box to encourage people to express their views. See the Code of Conduct here.

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