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Louise Haynes
Research on protest music of the eras of the Vietnam War and Iraq war. Past research on HIV/AIDS education in Japan. Website contains links to such articles as Gendered Marginalization Processes in Japanese Higher Education: Theory and Practice, Tango ‘Lessons’ and Decision-Making in Teaching,and Creating Discerning Students: Media Literacy in EFL. Louise also maintains the Japan AIDS Prevention Network.

Tamarah Cohen
Tamarah's web site containing her videos is here. A separate blog also links to the films but has additional information as well. Please check the video site and blog  for her most recent works, which include: 

 What is Marriage for?
Perplexed by a perceived increase in 'konkatsu' or "marriage hunting  activities," the presenter looks to government strategizing for answers. Key words/phrases: 'kekkon katsudo' or 'konkatsu' (marriage hunting), 'makeinu' (derogatory word for professionally successful unmarried woman), 'jinko seisaku' […]

Destruction as Creation
One young man's take on the declining birthrate in Japan. Key words/phrases: 'yome ni iku', ie system, 'hanayome shugyo' (bridal training), 'kaji tetsudai' (housework as bridal training), 'setai nushi' (head of household), housework, marriage, partnership.

The Skirt in Society
When we laugh at the ever-so-common sight of men dressed in drag, argues the presenter, we are in effect insulting all women. Key words-phrases: 'otokomasari' (male-surpassing woman), 'memeshii' (effeminate), 'ooshi' (masculine), female dress code, drag, uniforms

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