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Many of these are no longer available and have not been archived on the web.  We will be making an effort to locate and link to them as time permits. Your suggestions are also welcome.

 Beebe, Jacqueline D.: Gender-related Professional Activity and Research in Japan

Fukui, Ayano: Breakaway: A Personal Essay

Fukui, Ayano: Producing Myself in English: A Personal Essay

Fukui, Ayano: Self, Language, Heart---the Textures of Identity: A Personal Essay

Fukui, Ayano: Undercover Observer: A Personal Essay

Harper, Michael Lee: Empowerment Through English, A Reflective Analysis

Haynes, Louise: Tango 'Lessons' and Decision-Making in Teaching

Haynes, Louise: Where the twain should meet: Public health policy and... the language classroom?

Jacobs, George M.: Asian Englishes -- Ripple Effects: The Case Of Gender-Inclusive Language

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Crayon Outside the Lines

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Gay identity in university EFL courses in Japan

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Honoring diverse voices: gender and the literary avant-garde

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Why i love suede

Koshiga, Hiroyuki: History of US feminism comparing various strands

Koshiga, Hiroyuki: Pornography

Mathis, Mihoko Takahashi: Exploring Gender Issues in the Foreign Language Classroom: An Ethnographic Approach (PDF format)

Misaki, Keiko: M・ペ ルティエ(M. Pelletier)における個人主義と女性参政権の主張  〜第一波フランス・フェミニズムのなかの「過激分子《 �`(PDF format)

Ottman, Tina: Gendertalk: Masculinity in Transit: A GALE Interview with Professor Michael Bamberg

Ottman, Tina: Women's Status, Men's States: Feminist lawmaker Catharine MacKinnon on the new international human rights law paradigm

Rising Suns, Rising Daughters - Gender, Class and Power in Japan Book Release Notice

Simon-Maeda, Andrea: The Complex Construction of Professional Identities: Female EFL Educators in Japan Speak Out

Sunderland, Jane: Jane Sunderland bibliography

Tada, Noriko: Clothes Culture in Japan: hard body/soft body, distance/proximity and simulation/hyperreality

Takahashi, Tokie: Domestic Violence in Japan

Vandrick, Stephanie: Examining the New Backlash: Pitting Male Disadvantage against Female Disadvantage in Educational Settings

Watanabe, Keiko: The "Double Surnames" Issue in Japan

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Japan-prevention of spousal violence law.pdf

Ueno Chizuko on sex equality.pdf


Feminist Collections 

Michael Bamberg home page 

Psychologist who researches identity formation in adolescent males. See also Transiting from Childhood to Adolescence as a Young Male: An Investigation of the Cultural Construction of Masculinity (in Brazil, US and Japan) 

VAWW-NET Japan(Violence Against Women in War-Network 
VAWW-NET Japan was formed in 1998 with the conviction that "in order to eliminate violence against women in war and armed conflicts, women at the global and national levels are seeking to build a non-militarized world by bearing the responsibility of creating a peace that is based on the perspective of women's human rights." VAWW NET Japan was on the International Organizing Committee for the Women's International Tribunal on Japan's Military Sexual Slavery took place in Tokyo in December 2000. 

Video Juku 

Video Juku is a women's group that creates documentaries in order to achieve a society free of violence and discrimination against women. Currently we are part of a bigger movement to record testimonies of the former comfort women of the Japanese military. Series of documentaries on these women all around Asia are still to come from Video Juku. Also, we give technical support to other women and human right's NGOs to create videos. 

Wings Kyoto 
women's center 
Women's Counselling Kyoto 

in Japanese 

Yokohama Women's Forum newsletter 
Web sites designed by, for, and about Japanese women. Also included is a list of Web addresses of women's groups who are promoting international networks for women. Home page is at 
Girls, Women and Media Project 

International Women's Rights Watch Asia Pacific 

Internet Women's History Sourcebook (from ancient to modern history on a global scale) 
Language and Gender Links 

ROE V. WADE What is the legal legacy of the 1973 Supreme Court decision on abortion? (PBS newshour debate) -Abortion

Ten Things Men Can Do To Prevent Gender Violence 

UN Commission on the Status of Women 
Women in Islam 

links to web sites, Critical or positive evaluations of the Islamic teaching and reality, Related issues (Polygamy, Female circumcision, etc.) 

African-American and African Women resources and links 
from Women's History website 

Compilation of Gender Equality & Domestic Violence Laws from Around the World 
from Wellesley Center for Women; many links 

RAWA website (in reference to CEDAW) 

RAWA, the Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan, was established in Kabul, Afghanistan, in 1977 as an independent political/social organization of Afghan women fighting for human rights and for social justice in Afghanistan.

2008 LINKS


Women's Action Network Dawn Centre : (Osaka Prefectural Women's Centre) 

General Union

Discovering Voices, Discovering Selves

Getting Off: Pornography and the End of Masculinity

Robert Jensen: Pornography and the end of Masculinity 

What's the Matter with Getting Off 

From ZNet Gender Feminism Watch

The book by Robert Jensen

 Ireland: Gay Iranian in UK

Albert: Parecon and Gender

Levins Morales: Thinking Ouside the (Ballot) Box

Sargent: We'd Like a Woman President...

Susskind: Iraqi Women Say No

Goodman: Cause Bigger Than Soitzer Sex Scandal

Meister: Dolores Huerta

McNeill: Child Sex Trafficking in Cambodia

Jamail: Women's Day Iraq
Omer: Woman's Day in Gaza

Mychalejko: Iraqi Women & War

Weidman: Zapatista Women's Encuentro

Monbiot: Pro-Death

George: Same Sex in Australia

Sinclair: Lap Dancing

Ireland: Gay Leader Blocks

Dines: Anti-Feminist Politics

Jensen: Where We are Stuck 

Ireland: The ENDA Mess

Bader: Men and Abortion 

Making Face, Making Soul

Women's  Liberation Archive

9 to 5


The Advocate



Electra Pages

Feminist Majority


Gay Men's Health Crisis

Guerrilla Girls

Institute for Women's Research

Native American Women


My Sister, Myself

Native Web

National Gay  and Lesbian Task Force

National Organization for Women138


History of the Suffrage Movement

Planet Out

Queer Legal Resources



Third Wave




Women in North America

Gap Kids: New Frontiers in Child Abuse

ZNet Writers' blogs on Gender and Feminism

Newest Z Videos138

Liberating Gender 

Who You Calling A Bitch 

Albert: Parecon and Gender 
A problem with this discussion, like many others that we will undertake, is that there is as yet... 

Meister: Dolores Huerta 
It's Women's History Month, and who better to celebrate it with than Dolores Huerta... 

Mychalejko: Iraqi Women & War 
March 8 marks the 99th celebration of International Women's Day, a day to commemorate the... 

Tissot: De Beauvoir's Makeover 
The centenary of Simone de Beauvoir's birth has been celebrated by French press coverage obsessed... 

Klein: Zapatista Women Experiences 
The Zapatista Army of National Liberation (EZLN) is best known for its brief uprising in January... 

Jensen: Where We are Stuck 
I am having dinner on a Thursday night in a restaurant in New York 

Ireland: The ENDA Mess 
Regardless of whether or not Congress, in the days ahead, passes an Employment Non-Discrimination... 

Featured ZMag Articles 

Bader: Men and Abortion 

In the early 1980s, anti-abortion forces began to heed criticism that their reverence for the... 

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