Beebe, Jacqueline D.: Gender-related Professional Activity and Research in Japan

Fukui, Ayano: Breakaway: A Personal Essay

Fukui, Ayano: Producing Myself in English: A Personal Essay

Fukui, Ayano: Self, Language, Heart---the Textures of Identity: A Personal Essay

Fukui, Ayano: Undercover Observer: A Personal Essay

Harper, Michael Lee: Empowerment Through English, A Reflective Analysis

Haynes, Louise: Tango 'Lessons' and Decision-Making in Teaching

Haynes, Louise: Where the twain should meet: Public health policy and... the language classroom?

Jacobs, George M.: Asian Englishes -- Ripple Effects: The Case Of Gender-Inclusive Language

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Crayon Outside the Lines

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Gay identity in university EFL courses in Japan

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Honoring diverse voices: gender and the literary avant-garde

Joritz-Nakagawa, Jane: Why i love suede

Koshiga, Hiroyuki: History of US feminism comparing various strands

Koshiga, Hiroyuki: Pornography

Mathis, Mihoko Takahashi: Exploring Gender Issues in the Foreign Language Classroom: An Ethnographic Approach (PDF format)

Misaki, Keiko: M・ペ ルティエ(M. Pelletier)における個人主義と女性参政権の主張  〜第一波フランス・フェミニズムのなかの「過激分子《 �`(PDF format)

Ottman, Tina: Gendertalk: Masculinity in Transit: A GALE Interview with Professor Michael Bamberg

Ottman, Tina: Women's Status, Men's States: Feminist lawmaker Catharine MacKinnon on the new international human rights law paradigm

Rising Suns, Rising Daughters - Gender, Class and Power in Japan Book Release Notice

Simon-Maeda, Andrea: The Complex Construction of Professional Identities: Female EFL Educators in Japan Speak Out

Sunderland, Jane: Jane Sunderland bibliography

Tada, Noriko: Clothes Culture in Japan: hard body/soft body, distance/proximity and simulation/hyperreality

Takahashi, Tokie: Domestic Violence in Japan

Vandrick, Stephanie: Examining the New Backlash: Pitting Male Disadvantage against Female Disadvantage in Educational Settings

Watanabe, Keiko: The "Double Surnames" Issue in Japan

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