December 28: Vol 8 of the Journal and Proceedings of the Gender Awareness in Language Education Special Interest Group is online. Here is the table of contents:

1) Editorial Foreward by Kristie Collins and Aaron Hahn


1) Celestial Navigation: Japanese artist Yanagi Miwa’s My Grandmothers series as positive agency for women, by Gwynwn Helverson

2) Discursive images of gendered agency and the 3/11 disaster in Japan: reading Jelinek’s “Epilogue” in the Japanese classroom, by Herrad Heselhaus

3) Increasing gender equality in the second language classroom: A study at a Japanese university, by Sana Hendricks


Beyond the Binary: GALE Journal interview with JALT2014 Plenary Speaker Gerry Yokota


1) Mobbing: Emotional abuse in the American workplace (Davenport, Noa, Distler Schwartz, Ruth, & Gail Pursell Elliot), reviewed by Fiona Creaser 

2) Queer teachers, identity and performativity (Gray, Emily M., & Anne Harris, reviewed by Carey Finn-Maeda

3) The Gender Book (Hill, Mel Reiff & Jay Mays), reviewed by Gwyn helverson


Gale members are participating in two upcoming summer events. The Kyoto event runs from 9-12 and the Osaka event, which we are co-sponsoring, runs from 1-6, so it is possible to attend most or all of both events.


Qualitative research: Methods, applications, questions


A Mid-summer Day's Micro-conference

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