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GALE invites all interested people to join our regular mailing list. Members in good standing can also request to join the Executive mailing list by contacting one of the Executive Committee members. (The list addresses were changed sinmce we moved hosting to JALT’s own servers.)

                               Correction: April 18, 2017- Correct address added for regular mailing list.


GALE FORUM 2017 Call for Papers

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Research and proceedings paper, book reviews.

Please consider contributing to the next GALE Journal.

GALE works towards building a supportive community of educators and researchers interested in raising awareness and researching how gender plays an integral role in education and professional interaction. We also network and collaborate with JALT groups and the community at large to promote pedagogical and professional practices, language teaching materials, and research inclusive of gender and gender-related topics. 

We feel there is tremendous energy, enthusiasm, and interest right now among JALT members regarding various aspects of gender issues in language education and research. We also feel that a GALE SIG helps to introduce and pull many new members into JALT. Much cutting-edge research involves looking at gender as a factor in linguistic interaction, in teaching, in research, and in teacher training. We are pleased to support the efforts of JALT members in furthering such research and its applications to the foreign language classroom. GALE constitution and mission statementHow to join (memberships and subscriptions).  

There are many ways to contribute, among them such as writing an article for the newsletter or the journal;  telling us about your website, projects, teaching ideas, links, etc.; sharing a research idea, creating and promoting an event and helping to establish a working relationship with others doing the same kind of work. Please write to a member of the executive for more information.

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